A new way of design thinking.

As a budding designer, I saw a lot of problems with the design industry, like:

I thought, there has to be a better way, so I turned the whole process on its head.

Why the process works

Many issues with the traditional design process arise from the typical design dynamic: Client hires Designer, Designer creates either: A. The Client’s vision or B. Their own vision.

The problem with this is it leaves no room for the VIP: the customer.

By bringing the focus back to the customer, I eliminate a lot of the back and forth and indecisiveness that comes with the traditional design process.

Because when you design with the customer in mind, making decisions is easy, and you’ll hit the mark every time.

How it Works

Oh, and one more thing! We get it done fast.

You’re ready to get your message out into the world, and I’m chock full of creative energy to help get you there, so I employ a sprint-based process that allows us to move efficiently through the design process.

No more endless rounds of revisions or disappearing designers, my process keeps the creative mojo moving and grooving so you can quickly get back to doing what you do best with beautiful new design supporting you.

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  • Angie has worked to gain an understanding of our brand and creative aesthetic and blended it with her own keen eye for practical design. The result is consistently outstanding deliverables that have elevated our look and feel to an entirely
    new level.

    --Mandy Glidewell, Director of Marketing, CHC Technologies

  • laura schmitt photography

    The design process with Angie really helped me narrow down my many broad ideas and focus in on an aesthetic that truly fit me. She created a questionnaire that enabled me to think about my ideal client and how my brand would help attract that client. She created design boards that put together my ideas and her ideas for how this would work in a design.

    During the whole process, I feel like she really listened and wanted to know about me and what I was looking for and where I was coming from.... which resulted in a brand that really feels like home.

    --Laura Schmitt, Laura Schmitt Photography

  • just1

    Angie Webb Creative is AMAZING! She has helped bring my vision to life in such a beautiful & creative way! I highly recommend working with her!

    --Caitlin Crane, Just1