Watering The Weeds

June 06, 2017

Those of you who follow me on Instagram or who read this previous post of mine may already know about my 2017 adventures in gardening. Relying heavily on ill-advised gut instincts and Google searches, I’ve managed to design and build a garden full of summer veggies, petite blooms, and other miscellaneous flora despite the best efforts of the neighborhood rabbit to foil my plans. Right now, everything’s in a major growth period. A few things are blooming, but most of the plants are simply biding their time, sipping up the nutrients from the soil and baking their leaves in the late spring sun trying to rest up for the magic that I hope will follow. And it’s in this waiting period that things get uber frustrating for me. Because my garden mostly looks like this: It’s patchy, and worse yet, I can’t tell the weeds from the plants. Despite many a Google image search for “savlia seedlings,” I’m still having...Read More >

How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck Working With a Brand Designer

May 31, 2017

how to get the most bang for your buck working with a brand designer

As a designer who works with businesses of all kinds, I’m consistently aware that most entrepreneurs are running incredibly low on resources constantly. Whether its manpower, energy, money or time, small business owners often struggle to keep all the plates spinning. So it’s no surprise that when people come to me looking for design assistance, they’re looking to maximize the benefits of our working relationship. As a self proclaimed efficiency aficionado, I love this mentality. If you’re going to make a significant investment of time, resources and energy in working with a designer, why not make the most of it? Today I’ve got a few tips to help you maximize your next engagement with a designer. Consider Not Hiring a Designer This one seems kinda self deprecating, but hear me out. I turn away potential clients with projects I’m really excited about alllll the time because I just don’t think they’re ready to enter the process. Here are a few signs it...Read More >

Grounded In The Stars

May 25, 2017

Making Things Happen Conference Atlanta

It is 2006. I am teetering on the overused legs of a mass produced dorm chair three hours from home in a tiny slice of living space I’ll share with someone I just met five minutes ago. The desk electrical outlet shorts out on the metal edging of our desk and shocks my fingers when I place them on the keyboard to type. I am 18 and I will begin college in three days. I am aware of my strengths (and even more so of my weaknesses), but not sure what to do with them. I am standing on the steps of the next big phase of life unsure of what awaits me on the other side of the door. I am afraid of what the world will do to me if I let go too much. It is 2011. I am lying on the floor of a hotel conference room near the Atlanta airport. We are doing some kind...Read More >

3 Years in Biz: The Tips & Tricks That Have Kept Me Going

May 09, 2017

Small business productivity tips time blocking

Someone recently asked me if I would ever consider going back to the world of “regular employment.” That is, working for someone else and kicking this whole entrepreneurial thing to the curb. We were in a group setting, and another fellow designer chimed in. If the opportunity was right, and the job fit into her overall goals, she’d do it. When it came my turn to answer, I said I really wasn’t sure I could ever go back, or that I’d want to. It’s not because I love being my own boss so much (I’m actually the world’s WORST boss…guess who never gives lunch breaks?), or that I think being an entrepreneur is glamorous (my 10PM work sessions can speak to that point nicely). For me, the exciting thing about strapping myself to this bull and going for a ride (and it’s a ride, let me tell you), is the idea of unlimited potential. I’m excited to do this work...Read More >

Stop the Glorification of Sweatpants

April 24, 2017

Stop the glorification of busy

If you’ve ever been on Pinterest or Instagram or if you ever play in the entrepreneurial space, you’ve probably seen this quote somewhere in an inspirational image or a well-intentioned tweet.     I’ve got a new variation of this for you. And before you freak out about how much you love your leggings and your lounge pants, hear me out. This post is not about sweatpants.      It started out innocently enough about six weeks ago. I was in the middle of an adventure down an Amazon rabbit hole. You know, when you go online looking for a new battery for your car key remote and $76 later you’re now the proud owner of a garlic peeler, two of the latest New York Times best-selling novels, and peanut butter organic dog treats, no car key remote battery in sight? Yeah, that.   On this particular day I was perusing skincare reviews. It seemed as of late that 30 was nipping...Read More >

Room To Thrive

March 22, 2017

Our house used to belong to an avid gardener. He died many years ago, and the yard was not maintained by his spouse, so we know nothing its glory days. But every time we meet a new neighbor, all we hear about is how beautiful it used to be. This guy was extremely detail-oriented. The whole yard was stuffed with color-coordinated blooms, meandering stone paths, and perfectly timed blossoms. These days it’s mostly filled with ivy and other parasitic vines and sprouts, ingesting space and devouring resources from each other. Not quite as cute. Last spring, tired of looking out the back window at an endless spread of pine straw and aggressive weeds, I decided I would start a garden. I had read many an article about the benefits of gardening at combatting anxiety and depression. On top of that, the chicness of being able to say I was growing my own food was rather irresistible. So off I set,...Read More >

The #1 Emotion Your Customers Need to Experience

March 14, 2017

angie webb creative | the #1 emotion your customers need to experience

It’s Tuesday and that means you need a fun fact in your life, so here’s one: did you know that according to a recent study emotion is the #1 driver of great customer experiences, beating out ease and effectiveness of the product or service? Yep, as biz owners we’d all like to think that our product matters. And no doubt it does, but the experience of working with us matters so so much more. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. If you feel that emotions have no place in your boardroom or think tank, think again. If you’re selling to humans, you’re selling to emotional creatures who think more with their hearts than their brains, despite efforts to do otherwise. Don’t believe me? Check out my recent blog post about the three human brains (yep, there are THREE!) here. So okay, emotions matter. Fulfillment, joy, excitement, entertainment, satiation — these are all emotions that we as small businesses...Read More >

Featured: Taste of The South Magazine | Adele’s on Canton

March 06, 2017

Angie Webb Creative | Taste of the South Magazine

I’ve been a photographer for ten years now (man, how the time does fly). And I’ve been published on blogs and gotten retweets and guest posts and Facebook Features, but one thing I’ve never achieved is print publishing. But that is true no more! This month’s Taste of the South Magazine features a full pager of one of my recent shots for Adele’s on Canton here in Roswell. If you happened to be in the Atlanta Hwy. Publix at around 9:30PM last Thursday it’s possible you witnessed me doing a happy dance in the magazine section. Thank you so much to Marc and Ruth of Adele’s for allowing me to be a part of this and making a fun little dream of mine come true. And if you’re in Roswell, run don’t walk to Adele’s– their po’boys earned their status as one of the South’s Best Po’Boys, and don’t even get me started about their beignets…

The Secret Psychological Reason Your Customers Buy

March 06, 2017

Angie Webb Creative

I’m taking some time to explore the VIP of the business world here on the blog. Who is that person? Your customer of course! Without them, face it, your biz is toast. If you missed my first blog post about The Five Things You Must Know About Your Customers, pop back on over there and check it out, it’s a can’t-miss. Today I wanted to delve into the big mystery every biz owner is trying to solve: how to make customers buy more. In order to know this, you’ve first got to know why people buy your product in the first place, then you can leverage that knowledge to cater more toward those needs in your marketing strategy. To make this more digestible, let’s think of a fun example! How about a house cleaning service. If I won the lottery, my first purchase would absolutely be a maid. I mean, vacuuming is the WORST, right? You can probably come up with some extremely logical...Read More >

The Power of Me Too

March 06, 2017

Angie Webb Creative

Last month I sat at a coffee shop waiting for a client. Just down the aisle of tables sat a group of young women about my age. They were excitedly chatting and laughing, and I couldn’t help but hear every word of their conversation in the otherwise quiet cafe. I gathered from their words that they too were small business owners in the creative industry. They began to rattle off names of Facebook groups I’m a part of, networking functions I’ve been to, and business info websites that I frequent, trading secrets of how and where to learn about the next big thing in business. Then I started hearing names. Names of industry people. They were chatting about who they love to follow in Instagram. They were talking about people I know. Not just Instagram know, but like, really, know. And while everything these ladies was saying was positive and admirable, I couldn’t help but think about how these girls felt...Read More >