How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck Working With a Brand Designer

May 31, 2017

how to get the most bang for your buck working with a brand designer

As a designer who works with businesses of all kinds, I’m consistently aware that most entrepreneurs are running incredibly low on resources constantly. Whether its manpower, energy, money or time, small business owners often struggle to keep all the plates spinning. So it’s no surprise that when people come to me looking for design assistance, they’re looking to maximize the benefits of our working relationship. As a self proclaimed efficiency aficionado, I love this mentality. If you’re going to make a significant investment of time, resources and energy in working with a designer, why not make the most of it? Today I’ve got a few tips to help you maximize your next engagement with a designer. Consider Not Hiring a Designer This one seems kinda self deprecating, but hear me out. I turn away potential clients with projects I’m really excited about alllll the time because I just don’t think they’re ready to enter the process. Here are a few signs it...Read More >

3 Years in Biz: The Tips & Tricks That Have Kept Me Going

May 09, 2017

Small business productivity tips time blocking

Someone recently asked me if I would ever consider going back to the world of “regular employment.” That is, working for someone else and kicking this whole entrepreneurial thing to the curb. We were in a group setting, and another fellow designer chimed in. If the opportunity was right, and the job fit into her overall goals, she’d do it. When it came my turn to answer, I said I really wasn’t sure I could ever go back, or that I’d want to. It’s not because I love being my own boss so much (I’m actually the world’s WORST boss…guess who never gives lunch breaks?), or that I think being an entrepreneur is glamorous (my 10PM work sessions can speak to that point nicely). For me, the exciting thing about strapping myself to this bull and going for a ride (and it’s a ride, let me tell you), is the idea of unlimited potential. I’m excited to do this work...Read More >

The #1 Emotion Your Customers Need to Experience

March 14, 2017

angie webb creative | the #1 emotion your customers need to experience

It’s Tuesday and that means you need a fun fact in your life, so here’s one: did you know that according to a recent study emotion is the #1 driver of great customer experiences, beating out ease and effectiveness of the product or service? Yep, as biz owners we’d all like to think that our product matters. And no doubt it does, but the experience of working with us matters so so much more. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. If you feel that emotions have no place in your boardroom or think tank, think again. If you’re selling to humans, you’re selling to emotional creatures who think more with their hearts than their brains, despite efforts to do otherwise. Don’t believe me? Check out my recent blog post about the three human brains (yep, there are THREE!) here. So okay, emotions matter. Fulfillment, joy, excitement, entertainment, satiation — these are all emotions that we as small businesses...Read More >

Featured: Taste of The South Magazine | Adele’s on Canton

March 06, 2017

Angie Webb Creative | Taste of the South Magazine

I’ve been a photographer for ten years now (man, how the time does fly). And I’ve been published on blogs and gotten retweets and guest posts and Facebook Features, but one thing I’ve never achieved is print publishing. But that is true no more! This month’s Taste of the South Magazine features a full pager of one of my recent shots for Adele’s on Canton here in Roswell. If you happened to be in the Atlanta Hwy. Publix at around 9:30PM last Thursday it’s possible you witnessed me doing a happy dance in the magazine section. Thank you so much to Marc and Ruth of Adele’s for allowing me to be a part of this and making a fun little dream of mine come true. And if you’re in Roswell, run don’t walk to Adele’s– their po’boys earned their status as one of the South’s Best Po’Boys, and don’t even get me started about their beignets…

The Secret Psychological Reason Your Customers Buy

March 06, 2017

Angie Webb Creative

I’m taking some time to explore the VIP of the business world here on the blog. Who is that person? Your customer of course! Without them, face it, your biz is toast. If you missed my first blog post about The Five Things You Must Know About Your Customers, pop back on over there and check it out, it’s a can’t-miss. Today I wanted to delve into the big mystery every biz owner is trying to solve: how to make customers buy more. In order to know this, you’ve first got to know why people buy your product in the first place, then you can leverage that knowledge to cater more toward those needs in your marketing strategy. To make this more digestible, let’s think of a fun example! How about a house cleaning service. If I won the lottery, my first purchase would absolutely be a maid. I mean, vacuuming is the WORST, right? You can probably come up with some extremely logical...Read More >

These Are The 5 Things You Need to Know About Your Customers

February 15, 2017


In the world of marketing, there’s tons of emphasis placed on your target market, your buyer persona, and your ideal client profile. Understanding your customer is key, and defining your target market is crucial, but knowing what kind of magazines your ideal client likes to read or what brand of vanilla ice cream they prefer isn’t going to help you reach them better. The most crucial thing you need to know about your clients is why they needed you in the first place, and what made them decide to choose you over everyone else. That’s it, it’s really that simple. If you understand the place your customer was in emotionally when they sought you out, you know everything you need to know to reach thousands of additional clients just like them. I know, talking about emotions seems a little woo woo for the business world, but trust me on this one. If what you’re doing involves selling to a human...Read More >

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Roswell Restaurant Week

January 21, 2017

Bistro VG Roswell | Photo by Angie Webb Creative

Well, at least according to me : ) If you follow me on social media, you know that I’ve had the privilege over the last month of producing all the imagery for Roswell Restaurant Week. This culinary extravaganza taking place about 20 miles north of downtown Atlanta encourages my favorite suburb’s best and brightest culinary talents to strut their stuff by offering special menus throughout the 9-day affair. So what’s the best part of all of this? I got to see (and in some cases taste) every single dish offered by the 27 participating restaurants. And no, they did not disappoint. I believe that all of this may just make me the foremost expert on Roswell Restaurant Week at this point. And hey, if I’m going to be an expert on something, I certainly don’t mind it being this. So in celebration of all things foodie, I thought I’d round up some of my favorite picks and top recommendations so...Read More >

Pretty Peach Workshop Wrap Up!

March 25, 2016

Pretty Peach Workshop Atlanta Wrap Up

I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally be able to shake off the frost of winter and say that spring is officially here! If you can look past the pollen, I feel that there’s no prettier time of year to be in the South than right now when everything is putting on its best Sunday dress and blooming like crazy. Last weekend I was lucky enough to spend Sunday in one of my favorite places in the Atlanta area, Serenbe. If you’re not familiar, Serenbe is part Mayberry-like small town, part farm, part bed and breakfast, part wedding venue, and 100% amazing. When you’re there you feel like you’ve stepped out of reality and into some kind of dream place, it’s truly magical. And Serenbe just so happened to be the setting for something else pretty magical, The Pretty Peach Workshop! This workshop, hosted by my friend Shelby of Shelby Rae Photographs and Luisa of Peaches to Pearls,...Read More >

Announcing 2016 Headshot Day!

February 08, 2016

We interrupt your regular blog post to announce that Headshot Day is back! Not sure what that is? It’s a crazy fun day where I rent out a fabulous studio space and spend the day shooting headshot mini sessions back-to-back-to-back! If you’re looking to update your LinkedIn profile, professional headshot, dating profile, or just want to give yourself a more snazzy appearance online, this event is for you. This is not your typical boring headshot, so if you’re looking for something contemporary, fresh and fun, you’re gonna love this. Want more deats? Here’s what you need to know: The event will be Saturday February 20th in Roswell, Georgia, conveniently located just 20 minutes north of Atlanta The studio space is very close to the Historic Roswell area, so book a session and then treat yourself to some yummy brunch after! I’m happy to make some recs : ) Sessions are available from 9:30AM to 4:00PM, but snag your spot now because...Read More >

An Open Letter to All the Pictures I Never Took

August 09, 2015

An Open Letter to All the Pictures I Never Took | Angie Webb Creative

You’ve taken many forms. The “oh it might rain, I should leave my gear in the car” moments. The last straws before surely my husband will file for divorce if I ask him to stop the car for one more glimpse of a sunset or a field of horses. The situations where I’m just tired of being a photographer and carrying the burden of performing, making people smile, and creating something exceptional out of the everyday is just too much to bear. You’re all those pictures that never got taken. Even if I don’t use a camera to capture you, in truth, I still take you, because I’m always taking you in my mind. When I see the sun glittering through the leaves on my morning walk, when I catch the shadows do an enchanting dance on hands as they grip the steering wheel, when I witness the wind blow hair just right and the smile on the face of...Read More >